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Newborn photography has become more and more popular over the past five years and that is completely understandable.  The newborn phase goes so so quickly and, before long, you can’t remember your baby ever being teeny.  A newborn session is the perfect way to capture those tiny features, squishy hands and feet, and funny little expressions.  With the growth of newborn sessions, I am sure it hasn’t gone unnoticed that there has also been an increase in newborn photographers, so how do you choose the right photographer for you?  I am hoping this blog will help you to break down what you are looking for, and help you to make an informed decision.


This should be paramount in every newborn photography session!  You are handing over your tiny precious little bundle to someone you may have never met before so you are well within your rights to ensure they have been suitably trained in handling a newborn and posing them in a safe way.  There is a great deal of skill involved when posing a newborn in the correct way and well trained photographers will know when baby is safe and comfortable and when they are not.  Some babies won’t like certain poses for various different reasons but a good photographer should be able to recognise this.  Even if you don’t want ‘posed’ images, the photographer should still have a certain level of training regarding handling your baby.

What do you want from your images?

Do you want a beautiful piece of art for your living room or nursery, or do you want an album to display on your coffee table or are you looking for a selection of prints to give to friends and family.  Every photographer will offer different products and packages so you need to decide what you are looking for.


Unfortunately, the photography industry is not regulated so you will find a whole range of different prices, all offering different things.  In many cases, it is the age old saying of ‘you get what you pay for’ but this is where the other factors come in to play such as portfolio.  You need to be clear on the photographer’s pricing structure before you book with them otherwise you may feel disappointed after the session.  For example, it is common practice for photographers to charge a session fee which usually acts as security for your session but often only includes the photographer’s time and talent, and doesn’t include any products.  You need to make sure you know what you are paying for prior to booking.  It is then common for the photographer to offer a number of packages for you to choose from, once you have seen the finished images.  Packages don’t always include all of the images, they may only include a small number of the images and possibly other products such as prints and/or wall art.  When a photographer talks about digital files or digital downloads, this means that you will receive a jpeg (usually) copy of the file either on a USB/disc or via an email download.  You will be able to use the files to make prints/gifts for personal use.


Photographers should keep their social media pages and websites up to date with their most recent work, so you can gauge their style and decide if it is something you like.  Newborn sessions range from posed sessions in a studio to more natural images in a studio to lifestyle images in your own home.  You will have to decide the type of session you are after.

Customer Service

Once you have chosen a number of photographers that you like, you should contact them to see if, one, they have availability, but, more importantly, to see what their customer service is like and if you have a rapport with them.  Both of these qualities are vital when deciding on your photographer.  You are potentially handing over your very special bundle to them as well spending a lot of money, so they need to make you feel special, to communicate well with you, and prepare you for the session.  A newborn session can take 2-4 hours so you may be with the photographer for a considerable period of time.  You want to get on with them, feel comfortable with them and they need to be approachable and friendly.


Many websites, google business pages and Facebook pages have the the ability for customers to leave reviews.  You should always look at these when researching your photographer.  The reviews should give you a good idea about their business and what clients think of them.  Recommendations from friends and family is also a fantastic way to come across the photographer for you, after all, your friends and family aren’t likely to lie to you about their experience, and they can show you their final products/prints.


Finally, it is worth mentioning that a lot of photographers only offer ‘newborn’ sessions when babies are less than 21 days, sometimes 14 days.  In light of this, they ask that you book your session any time after your 20 week scan.  Experienced newborn photographers are good at juggling their diaries and pencilling in a number of slots each month for due dates, so make sure you make contact as soon as possible, to avoid disappointment.

If you would like an idea of the type of newborn sessions I offer, you will find all the information you need here.  If you would like to ask any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me by completing a contact form on my website.





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