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Today is the day I have been getting emotional about since October!  We headed to the pumpkin festival at Farmer Copley’s on a Saturday during the half term holidays last year.  It was sooooo busy, so busy in fact that we left (we came back again when the kids holidays were over and it was fab!) and it suddenly hit me that I only had 8 months of term time activities to take advantage of before I had to put up with school holiday madness.  And so began a period of squeezing in holidays, days out and play dates before the summer holidays began.  With each and every trip we took, I couldn’t help but get emotional thinking that in the not too distant future, my biggest little princess would be at school and I would only be able to spend quality time with her at the weekend and during school holidays!  Wow!  Everyone says it but nothing prepares you for how quickly the first four years go!

Holly has been my little shadow for the past 1719 days!  We have had so many adventures together: trips to Northern Ireland to visit friends and family, a trip to Disneyland just the two of us which I will never forget, day trips, camping trips, and just lying on the sofa watching Disney movies and eating popcorn.  It certainly hasn’t all been fun and games….she has broken two of my iphones, she corrects my (Northern Irish) accent, she is always right, she refuses to go on the naughty step, she has made me resort to buying cases of prosecco as opposed to just the odd bottle, and she has made me feel like some days, I may well be going insane!

Holly has taught me how to love someone more than I ever thought possible and I would not change one day we have had together (well maybe the day she dropped my phone in the bath could be rewritten!).  We have survived and, not only that but she has become a confident, smart (too smart sometimes), funny, beautiful little girl.

Hollypop – you will rock primary school! This morning only went to show that. Mummy was trying desperately to hold it together as you ran off and sat on the carpet with the other children!  I looked around at all the other children starting reception this morning and I wondered what they would all become.  I wondered who you would be friends with, who would go to high school with you, who Mummy would become friends with.

Well, school run done, now time to put my feet up and watch Holly and Phil on This Morning! Oh wait a minute, I still have my very own little wreck it ralph to look after!  My littlest rocket will be my shadow for the next three years and I am determined to make the most of it. Time for us to hit those toddler classes and spend more time in costa than our own living room (thanks moor Allerton centre!).

On a brighter note it’s Autumn: the most beautiful time of year for outdoor portraits. Time to update those gorgeous family portraits and keep the Christmas shopping simple by giving the grandparents a gorgeous family portrait of photograph of the children.  All the information you need about my family sessions can be found here.

family photographer leeds - jan sweeney photography

family photographer leeds - jan sweeney photography

family photography session leeds - jan sweeney photography

family photographer leeds - jan sweeney photography

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