Photography has moved on in leaps and bounds over the last twenty years or so. It has completely evolved and become something totally different if you compare professional photography now to how it was 40-50 years ago. In truth, almost everyone is a photographer these days, with their smart phones and social media accounts. This begs the question, where do you keep your most treasured photographs these days?

The year 2018 is approaching and we are very much in the thick of the digital age. Photo albums covered in dust mites are becoming a thing of the past; whilst photo albums covered in digital bytes are very much in the here and now. You don’t find many albums in the wardrobe anymore, you find them in the Cloud.

You may be thinking, what an earth are we talking about? We are using a wardrobe here but you may store your physical photo albums elsewhere, like in your loft or in a cupboard. The Cloud refers to a digital service and storage space, where you can store files like your treasured photographs.

What is Cloud Storage?

Cloud storage is an online portal or platform where you can store, maintain and back-up data. This data may include your work files, your digital pictures and anything else you wish to save. These files are then made available to users over a network, or the internet. Usually, you will pay for a Cloud storage service, typically on a monthly rate.

Benefits of Cloud Storage

Easy to Use – The ability to ‘drag and drop’ makes loading photos up to the Cloud quick and easy. Anyone can get the hand of this, from your little ones to your grandparents!

Access Anywhere – Stored files can be accessed anywhere in the world with an online connection. You don’t have to email any photos to your family and friends, just send a web link instead.

Backup and Recovery – Cloud storage can be used as back‐up in case you lose the files on your computer or your actual printed photographs. Simply download them again.

Cheap Solution – Storing your pictures online is a lot cheaper than printing hundreds of photos off and purchasing multiple photo albums!

Plenty of Storage – There is literally limitless space available online. No need to buy another bookshelf!

Backup and Look After Your Memories

It is super important to back up your photos and ensure you store them in a place that means you can never lose your most precious memories caught on camera. Leaving your pictures on a USB, or another portable memory device, will not be enough. What happens if you lose this? It is so important that you keep your files safe and backed up somewhere in case of loss, fire, theft or damage.

“I have had customers contact me maybe 2-3 years after their session to say they have lost their USB. Thankfully I have been able to resend their images but as I am getting busier I am having to dispose of files after 6 months. I would also highly recommend getting your photographs printed!”

– Jan Sweeney (Director)

Jan Sweeney Photography provides digital downloads, or files on a USB device, depending on the session/package you choose. We also strongly advise saving these files in the Cloud. Why have professional photographs taken and then run the risk of losing them? Why would you not want to show them off, as well as store them for generations to come?

The Physical Photo Album

The Cloud is an ideal solution to cater for the rise in popularity and use of digital photography. People use this service and others, such as Facebook, to store their pictures online nowadays. So unfortunately, the use of the physical photo album is not as common as it once was.

In reality though, is this necessarily a bad thing? With the number of photos we now take as a generation, we wouldn’t have enough pages or books to cater for the demand! We’d have almost a whole bookshelf fully dedicated to pictures of food!

Plus, you could argue that the rise in popularity of the digital form has raised the prestige of the physical form. Photo albums are a lot more special these days, especially when given as birthday or wedding presents. You can personalise your own professional album with your choice of colour, design and content.

Professional Photography Service

Both elements of storage are just as important to a professional photography service. The very best digital equipment and cameras will ensure your finest moments and your most cherished family members are caught in crisp detail. These memories are then available in printed format for your physical photo album, and also in the Cloud for your family to have immediate access to.

Want to know more about how we store and provide access to your photos? Contact Jan Sweeney by clicking here or call 07545131786 to speak directly.

leed baby photographer - jan sweeney photography

leed baby photographer - jan sweeney photography

leed baby photographer - jan sweeney photography

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