We all know that labour can be unpredictable but you can most certainly prepare your body and mind to give yourself the best chance at having the positive birth experience you desire to have.  So, how do you prepare? Well, there are countless pregnancy classes from pregnancy yoga to hypnobirthing to antenatal classes and you may decide you are interested in signing up to one or all of these classes.  North Leeds Mumbler has a long list of local classes that may suit your needs.

In the mean time, you should arm yourself with knowledge about all the preferences you have during labour.  The more knowledge you have, the more confidence you will find, to be able to  tell your care provider what you would prefer to happen and what you would prefer not to happen, and to ask questions.  This will result in you having the empowered, positive birth experience that you deserve.

There are so many options to think about such as where to give birth, pain relief options, medical interventions, delivery of the placenta and who you would like in the room with you.  It is so important that you familiarise yourself with all the options, as well as the pros and cons of each one. The B.R.A.I.N. decision making tool is excellent for helping you to decide:

B – What are the Benefits?

R – What are the Risks?

A – Are there any alternatives?

I – What are the Implications?

N – What happens if I do Nothing? It is a great idea to make a physical record of how you would like your birth to look.  This could be written down or you could use a visual birth plan.  You can download a FREE visual Birth Plan here.

The Daisy Foundation  has a great blog which contain all sorts of fascinating birth stories and information to help you prepare for your baby’s birthing day.  Daisy Birthing classes are a great way to prepare yourself for labour.  Daisy Birthing is about you, your choices, your confidence and helping you to prepare in your own way. A unique antenatal class combining pregnancy yoga based movements, antenatal education, breathing techniques, active birth techniques and relaxation. Classes utilise a range of techniques including hypnobirthing, muscle memory, somatic education principles and more. I run classes in North Leeds but you can search for all classes in the UK here

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