It is less than a month until World book Day – 7th March 2019.  Get ahead of the game this year and prepare your little ones for the their day at nursery or school in the best of this years costumes.  I have listed some of the best I have found below:

As it is one of the most talked about films of the past few months, I must start with Mary Poppins.  Dress your little Mary up in this gorgeous dress from The Disney Store.  It is £31 and available for ages 3 until 10 years.  If you prefer the original outfit from the new movie, you can buy this from Tu for just £15 and it is also available for ages 3 until 10 years.  Tu are even doing an adult version for £20 for sizes 8 – 20.

world book day leeds - jan Sweeney photography

George at Asda always have an amazing collection of reasonably priced costumes and this year is no exception.  I was desperate to dress my 18 month old up last year and found it more difficult to find outfits for pre school children but thankfully George didn’t let me down. Peter Rabbit is still a popular choice and below is a picture of my little Katie dressed up last year, and George are still doing this outfit which is only £14 and available from 12 months until 6 years.

George also have a great range of costumes from stories by Roald Dahl.  We are going to see Matilda at the Alhambra  at the end of February so I think the Matilda costume might be a favourite with Holly.  It is £14 and available for ages 5 until 12 years.

David Walliam’s characters are also popular choices with slightly older children with Gansta Granny being among one of the favourites.  Matalan are doing a lovely costume for £16 for ages 4 to 11 years.  George are doing a Mr Stink costume which is on sale now for £8 and, at the time of writing, is available for ages 5 to 10 years….go go go!

Finally, we mustn’t forget about Harry Potter!  George is, again, doing a great range of outfits for the little Harrys and Hermiones in your life.  Outfits range from £8 snd are suitable from newborn to adult.

From experience, I know that these costumes sell out fast, so save yourself the stress and get them ordered now.  If you feel that buying the costumes is a waste for one day of the year, why not theme your little ones next birthday around the character, and/or bring them to the studio for portrait session and I would be more than happy to include some shots of them in their costume.

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