swimming classes north leeds


I vowed not to take my youngest to any more baby classes until she was 3 due to her being a strong willed little wrecking machine!  I have enjoyed some very lovely ‘moments’ with her in classes we have previously attended but the amount of money spent and the stress levels I endured just didn’t seem to equate to the odd insta-worthy moment!  Swimming classes especially fill me with dread due to flashbacks of my eldest in her toddler years attacking me in the swimming pool and shouting ‘Out Mummy, want to go for coffee’!

Then, last week, a friend recommended a new swimming centre that had opened on Chelwood Drive, Roundhay, Leeds.  The franchise Turtle Tots, had opened up the centre and were offering classes from 10-12 Monday to Saturday.  Chelwood Drive is a stones throw from where we live and they were offering free taster sessions, so I lost my mind for a second and gave them a ring (Katie isn’t 3 until August).  Zoe was ever so lovely on the phone and within a few minutes, we were booked in for our first session.  Zoe sent very clear instructions and answered the questions we all have when it comes to swimming classes with our little ones….what do we need to bring, what facilities are there, can we bring prams in etc.

swimming classes north leeds

Katie watches her sisters swimming lesson every Thursday evening so was super excited at the prospect of finally going for her own lesson.  When Tuesday finally came round, Katie was very disappointed when she realised she couldn’t go to her class immediately when she woke up at 5am!  Anyway, 11.30 soon came round and we headed to the Chelwoods.  There is space for 5 cars directly outside but there is plenty of street parking (although it is a residential area so be careful to avoid blocking driveways).

We were met by Zoe in the reception area. She was just as friendly as she had been on the phone.  This little area is great with some toys for the children and sofas and chairs for parents.  The whole centre is very warm, which is fab for little ones, but avoid wearing big jumpers and coats as you will regret it!   Zoe showed us the facilities and explained everything we needed to know.  I was so impressed with the changing facilities.  They were unisex but had individual cubicles, each with a little stool.  There were also lots of changing mats too, as well as two toilets.  There are two showers and you do need to shower before entering the pool.  The pool is small but this is the best thing about it.  I always find classes in public pools a little overwhelming and distracting, and FREEZING!  The temperature of the Turtle Tots pool was perfect for little ones and adults.  Everyone was comfortable and happy.

Fiona was our teacher and she was fab!  She greeted everyone individually, making a fuss of the little ones.  She showed the little ones how to get into the pool safely.  The class was 30 minutes which was just right and the class sizes are small, another plus point!  Fiona has a lovely teaching style, really making an effort with everyone while subtly teaching the little ones safety in the pool as well as starting them on their swimming journey using actions and rhymes to teach them swimming techniques.  Katie was engaged throughout which and I couldn’t believe how well she did.

swimming classes north leeds

Overall, we had a really lovely experience at Turtle Tots, Roundhay, and we have now signed up for the rest of the term, which takes us towards the end of July.  They break for the school holidays which is great for us as Holly will be off then so we couldn’t go anyway.  I believe there are still spaces left so get in touch with Zoe using the below details and secure your slot.  We can’t wait until next Tuesday!


Tel. 0113 345 0600

Facebook Page

Love Jan and Katie x

PS Katie only learnt to do thumbs up today….can you tell?!




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