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Whether you have loved every second of the summer holidays with your little ones or your tolerance levels have wilted a little as time has gone on, we have nearly reached the finish line!  Next week, the majority of children will start back to school (and many will be starting for the very first time). 

You may have spent the summer juggling work with childcare and entertaining your children or you may have the past four years with your little buddy by your side. 

Whatever your circumstances, next week is a mix of emotions for everyone involved from uncertainty to anxiety to stress to relief. 

I am by no means an expert in organisation but with my eldest going in to year 2, I have picked up a few tips along the way which I wanted to share to try and help with the coming days and weeks.


The time your little one goes to bed may have been a bit more relaxed over the summer so, if you haven’t already, it’s time to start adapting to an earlier bed time. This should lessen the stress of the bedtime battle during the first week back and should also help them stock up on a bit of sleep that they will no doubt need in those first few weeks.


Gone are the days when you have to buy your child’s uniform from specific stockists. Most schools are happy with generic school uniform from a store of your choice. In light of this, you can get uniform from all the well know supermarkets including budget supermarkets such as Aldi and Lidl, and it is very reasonably priced. I used to buy a couple of cardigans and pinafores and Holly would inevitably come home with stains on her clothes on Monday and Tuesday meaning emergency washes were required and more stress! I now stock up on reasonably priced inform to see us through the whole week to avoid any uniform inspection drama on a daily basis. This Morning did a segment this week about the shops that still have plenty of stock so it might be worth having a watch.

Another tip I have come across recently although haven’t implemented yes is hanging five full uniforms on hangers ready to pull out and put on each morning.  Genius!


I remember the days of my poor Mum having to sew on name labels on everything my brother and I owned! That would be my worst nightmare! Thankfully, I came across stamptastic. It costs £10 for a reusable stamp with your child’s name on it and £12 for an ink pad (mine is still going strong 2 years later). You can stamp on fabric, metal and wood and I can vouch for the fact that it lasts after many washes! 

School Calendars

One thing I really struggle with is keeping up with school events!  If you don’t have an old fashioned diary or online calendar I strongly recommend getting one and heading to your school website to check out their school calendar.  Fill you diary with all the important dates and as you find out about new events, get them added in.  Inevitably, you will turn up at school one day and you will find out it is ‘bun day’ or ‘children in need’ and you won’t have any change.  This has happened to me a lot!  My advice is to have a ‘school run’ bag or coat and make sure you always carry a bag of loose change for emergencies!

We’re in this together parents, so all the very best for next week!  I’ll be thinking of you all.

Jan xx

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school photos leeds - jan sweeney photography-2 school photos leeds - jan sweeney photography-2school photos leeds - jan sweeney photography-2

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