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Autumn is my favourite time of year!  The colours outside are stunning making the most beautiful, natural backdrop for portraits.  This means, it’s the perfect time for your annual family photography session!

I do studio portraits up until baby is walking.  From experience, once they are on the move, they have zero interest in sitting in one spot while I hold a camera over them trying to get them to force a smile.  I recommend to all my clients that as soon as we reach this stage, we head outdoors for their annual portraits.  This allows the little ones freedom to run around, chase leaves, splash in puddles and play hide and seek.  All the while, I follow them around at a distance taking gorgeous, natural portraits.  Once they feel comfortable and have had the chance to do as they please, they are much more likely to engage with me for a family portrait.

So, why does it matter what you wear for the session?  Well, I want your images to be timeless!  I want you to be able to hang them on your wall and not have to take them down a couple of years later because you are embarrassed about what you were wearing.  Remember shell suits?!  They were incredibly fashionable (for a year!) but can you imagine having a family portrait on your wall now of the entire family wearing shell suits!!  Eeeek!  So what you wear really is important and Autumn is a season full of lovely clothes to wear.  Woolly hats, chunky scarves and welly boots are all items I recommend as they really make images pop.  The more plain the clothing and accessories can be, the better.  I also advise trying to avoid patterns and logos.  I also suggest that you all co-ordinate so pick a colour scheme and stick to it for each member of the family.  Here is an example of an Autumn colour palette.  Pick 2-3 colours from the palette and use these as your colour scheme for clothing and accessories.

I am currently choosing clothing for my girls’ annual Autumn portraits and my hands down favourite shop this year is H&M.  The clothing for kids especially are really lovely and are very reasonably priced.  I have put together a Pinterest board with some of my favourite pieces for this season and it also includes pictures of family portraits I have found where they have got their clothing just right.  You can find the board here.  Pinterest is a great place for inspiration and ideas.  I am more than happy to talk to you about clothing before your session, so you’re happy with your choices.

You can find out about my family sessions and book your autumn session here.

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