How are you all doing?  It is such a strange time, isn’t it? I feel like I am on a rollercoaster of emotions.  One day I am scared and anxious and other days I feel so lucky to be safe at home with Ryan and the girls, doing things we normally wouldn’t have time to do.  For us, I find a little structure goes a long way.  My girls are 7 (year 2) and 3 (pre school).  We always start the day with The Body Coach  P.E. session and the girls recognise that this is when the tablets go away and we start our ‘school day’.  For the first couple of weeks before lockdown, I chose a topic for each week and we dedicated all the activities to that topic.  The first week we explored dinosaurs and the second week was all about Easter.  This isn’t for everyone but it certainly helps me to think of activities and keep to a structure.

Next week, the topic is going to be Photography!  It helps that I am a photographer and am very excited about teaching the girls about my most loved hobby.  However, I also feel that photography is one of the best ways to record this historic time.  Our children’s children and so on, will learn about Covid 19 at school and how wonderful would it be for them to have an array of keepsakes to show them.  Starting tomorrow, Tuesday 14th April 2020, I am starting a children’s photography challenge via my facebook page 

For every family that completes the challenge, you will be rewarded with an outdoor family mini session once it is safe for me run my sessions again.  If you are reading this blog shortly after that date, don’t worry, the challenge will run until the 27th April 2020 so you will have time to complete it.  To complete the challenge, join the group below and introduce yourself.

Children’s Photography Challenge 

Aside from the challenge, below are a few other ideas that I will be trying out during ‘Photography’ week.

Time Capsule

A time capsule is a box or container filled with mementos such as drawings, diary entries, letters, hand drawn pictures and photographs which are preserved for the next generation to enjoy.  It can be buried in a park or garden or simply stored safely in your house to be enjoyed by your grandchildren or great grandchildren.  Long Creations have designed a really lovely set of worksheets which can be personalised and placed into a time capsule.  She has very kindly supplied a link to the worksheets for you to download and enjoy.  I will most certainly be doing this with my eldest next week.

Pinhole Camera

A pinhole camera is the most simple of all cameras and can be made at home.  It has no lens and a tiny aperture (the pinhole).  The hole works in the same way as your eye’s pupil and your retina screens the picture.  It flips the picture upside down which is apparently what our eye does as well.  It is our brain that flips the image.  An amazing and fun science lesson without too much effort.

Make your own pinhole camera

I hope you have found these ideas useful.  I would love you to comment below with your successful activities from lockdown.  If I get enough ideas, I will create another blog to share with everyone.

Jan x

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