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I have always been a bit half hearted about my skincare routine.  I was always told I had good skin so didn’t feel like I needed to bother.  However, two children later, working shifts for 14 years and not having the best sleep routine, has had an impact on my skin.  Until recently, I had been using make up to disguise any issues and just ignoring the problem.  However, I have now learnt that without a good skincare routine, make up is pretty pointless!

A few months ago, I discovered Tropic.  Tropic is a multi award winning range of skin and beauty products, which are freshly made in the UK, natural and cruelty free.  My first Tropic purchase was the Skincare Selection.  It is the most cost effective way to get all the products you need for an entire collection.  They even have a Skincare Routine Finder which will tell you the best products for your skin type.  The Skincare Selection is £98 and includes the following:

smoothing cleanser - jan smith tropic skincare leedsvitamin toner - jan smith tropic skincare leeds

skin feast - jan smith tropic skincare leeds

You can choose one of the following three masks:

deep hydration - jan smith tropic skincare leedsface lift - jan smith tropic skincare leeds

clear skin - jan smith tropic skincare leeds

Finally, you get to choose TWO of the following six serums:

fruit peel - jan smith tropic skincare leedsglow berry serum - jan smith tropic skincare leeds

rainforest dew - jan smith tropic skincare leedssuper greens - jan smith tropic skincare leeds

skin dream - jan smith tropic skincare leeds

As you can work out, you can save £42 by buying the Skincare Selection, you are basically getting a serum for FREE. I absolutely love the products and they have made a huge difference to my skin which has also made a difference to how my make up sits on my face.  In actual fact, I have a lot of make up free days now when I never would have before.  I enjoy my skincare routine which I do day and night and I actually really look forward to doing it.  In two and a half months, the only product I have had to replace so far is the Smoothing Cleanser.

I have gone through phases such as the build up to my wedding when I have paid a lot of money for skincare products, thinking they must work as they cost so much.  Don’t get me wrong, I am sure there are some amazing brands out there but I wanted to make you aware of Tropic as a lot of people haven’t heard of them and I always believe in recommendations.

If you are interested in how ‘clean’ your skincare products are, another piece of advice is to download the app Think Dirty which tells you exactly that!  It is really interesting and shocked me when I inputted some of the products I was using.

You invest a lot of your hard earned money on photographs and I totally understand that not only do you want the kids to look their best but you want to look and feel your best too.  I am more than happy to offer you advice on the best skincare for you as I am happy to say I can now offer Tropic products to all my clients.  You can have a look at my online shop here but please email me if you would like advice on the best products for you.  If you would like to book your next photography session, you can find out about the sessions I offer here.


Jan xx

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