I am beyond excited to share this news….we are completing our family by getting a puppy!! As Holly is 7 and Katie is 4 (next week) and they will both be at school from next month, we felt this was the ideal time to have a fur baby.  Ryan and I work pretty much opposite shifts to each other so there is generally always someone in the house, meaning we wouldn’t be leaving the pup for long periods of time.  Ryan and I have both had dogs in the past and we wanted to show the girls how much love and happiness they can get from having a dog.  We want a dog to come on all our adventures.  We love the outdoors, walking, camping, exploring, so the perfect lifestyle for an energetic pooch.

So, that being said, we wanted a lively breed that is good with families.  I have been ever so slightly in love with cockapoos for quite a while now so thankfully they tick both boxes!  Then came the issue of where to get one.  I love a good bit of research so I spent hours trawling the internet.  At first, I was surprised at how easy it seemed to be to get a puppy.  I was drawn to lovely looking websites and cute pictures but soon realised these were puppy farms.  These are commercial breeding centres with quick breeding and poor conditions.  I obviously wanted to avoid these facilities.  I also came across many websites advertising dogs and puppies and I am sure many of these are genuine adverts with lovely pups but we really wanted a guarantee that we were going to have a healthy puppy from a good breeder.

Then, I came across Whiskey Cockapoos. They are based in West Yorkshire and Clare is an in-the-home breeder of F1, F1b, F2 & F2b Cockapoo puppies.  Clare has been doing this for 20 years.  She is also a Dog Training College approved instructor known as The Puppy Master.  Clare really stood out for me.  I read every word of her website and not only is it informative, her passion just shines through.  I contacted Clare in January 2020 and she informed me that one of her dogs, Jazzy (parti phantom) would be in season around May but if I was interested I would need to complete an application form.  I completed the form straight away and loved that Clare took so much care in choosing the owners for her puppies but at the same time, was crossing everything that we would be chosen.  A short time later, Clare contacted me to say we were on the wait list for one of Jazzy’s puppies.  I became obsessed with Clare’s Facebook group, watching all the work she did with her dogs and puppies and looking at all the videos and pictures she had put on of previous litters.

Clare kept us fully informed about Jazzy’s progress, when she was in season and any symptoms she was showing.  And then, one day, I had a Facebook notification with a video showing Jazzy’s scan and at least 6 healthy pups!  Amazing!  Clare has made us feel part of her puppy family and it has been just lovely, and what an amazing thing for the kids to experience.

Then, on 1st August, I woke up around 6.30am, checked my phone and realised Clare had been live on her private owner’s Facebook group because Jazzy was in labour!  I watched each of the live videos as one after another the puppies were born and then, as my eldest, Holly, came in to bed with me, we watched the sixth puppy being born.  Three boys and three girls. Talk about emotional!  Every day since Jazzy has given birth, Clare has uploaded videos and pictures.  Before the pups were born, Clare had asked for preferences of sex.  We said we would prefer a girl as that is what we have been used to in the past and, because of this, Clare told us we were second to choose a girl, which is amazing.  All the pups are beautiful and growing nicely.  We are picking our fur baby in a couple of weeks and the countdown is definitely on!

We have already started preparing for the puppy’s arrival but that is very much a work in progress so in the next blog, I will tell you more about that and hopefully introduce our new member!  We will be choosing between these three gorgeous girlies….

In the mean time, if you have a new arrival or are planning on one, why not book a special portrait session for all the family to come along to.  You can find out more information and book here.

Jan x

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