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As Mums, we are all looking for secrets and hacks that will make our job easier!  It is non stop!  We fulfil the role of not just Mum but teacher (more than anything else at the moment), head chef, cleaner, artist, actress, dancer, and nurse, to name but a few.  Over the years, I have picked up some great hints and tips, and I am always happy to pass on to my Mummy colleagues!  Hence, the reason for this latest blog.  I just have to tell you about Tamanu Balm!

What is Tamanu Balm?

Tamanu Balm is an all in one skin hero!  It is multifunctional and I am still finding other uses for it.  The Tamanu oil or ‘green gold’ as it known on the Polynesian islands, is one of the most effective natural ingredients to promote the formation of new tissue.  This results in skin healing quicker.  It is also anti-oxidant rich and antibacterial.  The monoi and cocoa butters make it really nourishing leaving the skin feeling smooth and supple.  It will soothe even the most sensitive skin that has been irritated, inflamed or is dry.  It will reduce the appearance of scars and stretch marks, and it will relieve itchiness caused by insect bites and stings.

It is a product produced by Tropic so is vegan and cruelty free, among a whole host of other positives.  It comes in a 60ml pot which is £32 (a saving of £16) and a 20ml pot which is £16.  Neither are particularly big in size but the smaller pot is perfect for even the tiniest handbag.

tropic leeds - Jan Sweeney Photography Leeds

My experience of Tamanu Balm

My girls literally believe Tamanu Balm is magic!  I actually think it must be too!  It has ‘fixed’ so much in the short time I have been using it.  As soon as the kids get a poorly, they ask for the ‘magic stuff’.  Whether it helps instantly or not, they truly believe it does and the tears stop!  We have a pot each in this house and I keep one in my handbag. We use it on cuts and grazes, scabs, eczema, sore lips, cold sores, nappy rash, dry hands,  cracked heels and I have just started using it as a night cream which has been leaving my skin feeling amazing!

tropic leeds - Jan Sweeney Photography Leeds

How to Buy Tamanu Balm

And the best part, I love Tamanu Balm (and all the other Tropic products) so much that you can now buy it from me!  I am an independent Tropic ambassador (if you are interested in how that came about, drop me a message and I will happily tell you my story) and you can find my online shop link here.  If you would rather I order for you, just drop me a message and I will get it sorted for you.  I delivery locally for free but purchases over £30 are free anyway.

If you would like to know more about the products Tropic offer, then please feel free to drop into my Facebook group for all the news, reviews, special offers and more!  You can find the group here.

Jan x

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